The Australian Grand Prix II was the third round in Season 2, which took place on April 30th, 2017. This race was contested over 29 laps at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit in Melbourne. This marked the second time the Australian Grand Prix took place in LRL. Last season's winner was championship runner-up trapter1, who won from pole position.

This race is notable for causing significant controversy surrounding new drivers, and was the victim of severe connection issues that saw most of the grid fail to finish the race; only 5 of the 13 drivers would make it from Practice to the chequered flag.

Lyracrish won this race after starting in 7th place, with FlyingFinn866 and Jpoole28 completing the podium. This was Lyra's third LRL win overall. Championship leader TOR PePsii could not attend this race.

Classification Edit

Practice Edit

Pos. Driver Team Time Tyre
1st WOR Button 22 McLaren 1:25.340 SS
2nd I Hyte I* Haas 1:25.346 SS
3rd iTzRxss Haas 1:25.517 SS
4th Jpoole28 Renault 1:26.104 SS
5th Insane Moskito Red Bull 1:26.450 SS
6th II HotDog28 II* Force India 1:26.701 M
7th Lyracrish Ferrari 1:27.409 S
8th DarkMagicGundam Williams 1:27.417 SS
9th trapter1 Renault 1:27.525 S
10th Apex Melvyn Williams 1:28.199 S
11th FlyingFinn866 Force India 1:28.402 SS
12th IAmDavidHobbs Red Bull 1:32.466 S
13th Foley589 Toro Rosso 1:25.321 S

*I Hyte I and II HotDog28 II would leave the lobby following practice

Qualifying Edit

Pos. Driver Team Time Tyre
1st iTzRxss Haas 1:24.302 SS
2nd WOR Button 22 McLaren 1:25.449 S
3rd trapter1 Renault 1:25.809 SS
4th Jpoole28 Renault 1:25.871 SS
5th Insane Moskito Red Bull 1:26.105 SS
6th FlyingFinn866 Force India 1:26.385 SS
7th Lyracrish Ferrari 1:27.377 S
8th Apex Melvyn Williams 1:27.478 S
9th DarkMagicGundam Williams 1:27.838 SS
10th IAmDavidHobbs Red Bull 1:28.619 SS
11th Foley589 Toro Rosso 1:32.251 SS

Race Edit

Pos. Driver Team Time Pitstops Points
1st Lyracrish Ferrari 48:17.404 1 25
2nd FlyingFinn866 Force India +0:10.647 2 18
3rd Jpoole28 Renault +0:17.715 2 15
4th IAmDavidHobbs Red Bull +0:27.365 2 12
5th DarkMagicGundam Williams +0:29.691 2 10
Ret. Insane Moskito Red Bull Crashed 1
Ret. trapter1 Renault Crashed 1
Ret. Foley589 Toro Rosso Crashed 1
Ret. Apex Melvyn Williams Lag Crash 0
DSQ WOR Button 22 McLaren Intentional Crash 1
DSQ iTzRxss Haas Left Mid-Session 0

Championship Standings Edit

LRL Drivers' Championship II Edit

Pos. Driver Points
1st TOR PePsii 43
2nd Lyracrish 43
3rd Jpoole28 33
4th FlyingFinn866 26
5th Apex Melvyn 24

LRL Constructors' Championship II Edit

Pos. Team Points
1st Ferrari 69
2nd Renault 47
3rd Toro Rosso 43
4th Williams 34
5th Red Bull 27

Trivia Edit

  • Despite FlyingFinn866 moving to Ferrari afterward, this race does not count as a 1-2 finish, as Finn was driving for Force India during the race.
  • No drivers new to Season 2 finished this race; all finishers were Season 1 alumni.
    • In addition to this, only one driver per team finished the race.
  • This was the only Season 2 race without a Toro Rosso finisher.
Season 2 Grands Prix
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