The Chinese Grand Prix II was the fifth round in Season 2, which took place on May 14th, 2017. The race was contested over 27 laps at the Suzuka International Racing Course at Suzuka, Japan. This was the second time the Japanese Grand Prix took place in LRL, previously won by Apex Melvyn.

Insane Moskito started from pole position, but would unfortunately retire on the first lap. TOR PePsii would win with just a two second gap to Lyracrish in second, with Apex Melvyn completing the podium. This victory gave PePsii the distinction of being the first driver to achieve back-to-back LRL victories on two seperate occasions.

This was also steelersmith88's first LRL race, qualifying 9th but ultimately suffering a DNF.

Classification Edit

Practice Edit

Pos. Driver Team Time Tyre
1st TOR PePsii Toro Rosso 1:48.837 I
2nd Jpoole28 Renault 1:50.097 I
3rd Apex Melvyn Williams 1:50.531 I
4th Lyracrish Ferrari 1:50.986 I
5th trapter1 Renault 1:51.552 I
6th DarkMagicGundam Williams 1:51.555 I
7th steelersmith88 Manor 1:52.567 I
8th VRL Massa Force India 1:56.496 I
9th Insane Moskito Red Bull NO TIME

Qualifying Edit

Pos. Driver Team Time Tyre
1st Insane Moskito Red Bull 1:47.191 I
2nd TOR PePsii Toro Rosso 1:47.216 I
3rd Lyracrish Ferrari 1:47.914 I
4th trapter1 Renault 1:48.174 I
5th Apex Melvyn Williams 1:48.890 I
6th Jpoole28 Renault 1:49.038 I
7th DarkMagicGundam Williams 1:50.764 I
8th VRL Massa Force India NO TIME
9th steelersmith88 Manor NO TIME

Race Edit

Pos. Driver Team Time Pitstops Points
1st TOR PePsii Toro Rosso 1:47.191 2 25
2nd Lyracrish Ferrari 1:47.216 1 18
3rd Apex Melvyn Williams 1:47.914 1 15
4th Jpoole28 Renault 1:48.174 2 12
5th trapter1 Renault 1:48.890 2 10
6th DarkMagicGundam Williams 1:49.038 2 8
7th steelersmith88 Manor DNF 1
8th VRL Massa Force India DNF 1
9th Insane Moskito Red Bull DNF 0

Championship Standings Edit

LRL Drivers' Championship II Edit

Pos. Driver Points
1st TOR PePsii 93
2nd Lyracrish 61
3rd Jpoole28 60
4th Apex Melvyn 49
5th Insane Moskito 33

LRL Constructors' Championship II Edit

Pos. Team Points
1st Toro Rosso 93
2nd Ferrari 93
3rd Renault 84
4th Williams 67
5th Red Bull 53
Season 2 Grands Prix
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