This a list of race records in the LCR F1 Championship Seasons since Season 1 (September 5th, 2016).

Race Records Edit

Description Record Details
Most retirements


6 Australian Grand Prix II (out of 11 starters - 54.5%)
Most retirements


71.4% Bahrain Grand Prix I (5 out of 7 starters)
Fewest retirements 0 Australian Grand Prix I (7 starters)

Hungarian Grand Prix I (6 starters)

Mexican Grand Prix I (5 starters)

Brazilian Grand Prix II (8 starters)

Australian Grand Prix III (8 starters)

Most finishers 11 British Grand Prix IIChinese Grand Prix III
Fewest starters 3 Monaco Grand Prix I
Most starters 12 British Grand Prix IIChinese Grand Prix III
Fewest races in a season 10 Season 2
Most races in a season 21 Season 1
Longest season (time) 6 months Season 1 (5th September 2016 - 5th March 2016)
Season 2 onwards*
Largest winning margin

(excluding penalties)

20.868s Belgian Grand Prix II (iFendz)
Smallest winning margin

(excluding penalties)

2.929s Japanese Grand Prix II (TOR PePsii from Lyracrish)
Shortest race 19 laps Bahrain Grand Prix II (Results rolled-back after incidents)
Shortest race

(full distance)

39:17.434 Italian Grand Prix II
Longest race 48:17.404 Australian Grand Prix II
Closest result in qualifying 0.006s British Grand Prix II (P6 & P7: trapter1 from Lyracrish)
Closest result in qualifying

(P1 and P2)

0.008s Chinese Grand Prix III (TOR Leopard from iFendz)
Closest result in qualifying

(no. drivers within a tenth)

3 Bahrain Grand Prix II (P1 to P3: TOR PePsii from LCR Apex from Jpoole28)

*Records below this header only includes data from Season 2 onwards, as there is insufficient data from Season 1 for comparison

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