The V8 French Cup was the first round of the LCR V8 Supercup, taking place on Sunday 16th July. This round was contested at the Bugatti Circuit, a purpose-built circuit situated inside the world famous Circuit de la Sarthe, at Le Mans. This marked the first time a race was officially held under the Legacy Championship Racing (LCR) banner, and was also the first league race to be contested outside of the Codemasters F1 games.

EVR Matt212 qualified on pole position, before going on to win both the sprint and feature races, earning a perfect score of 36 points in just the first round of the championship. TOR Leopard finished the sprint race in 3rd and the feature in 2nd, with Insane Moskito mirroring this. LCR Apex finished 4th in both races.

Classification Edit

Qualifying Edit

Pos. Driver Car Time
1st EVR Matt212 Ford 1:42.515
2nd Insane Moskito Mercedes 1:43.960
3rd TOR Leopard Nissan 1:44.512
4th LCR Apex Nissan 1:45.421

Sprint Race Edit

Driver Car Time Points
1st EVR Matt212 Ford 13:49.791 12
2nd Insane Moskito Mercedes -0:13.172 10
3rd TOR Leopard Nissan -0:13.781 8
4th LCR Apex Nissan -0:23.483 7

Feature Race Edit

Driver Car Time Points
1st EVR Matt212 Ford - 24
2nd TOR Leopard Nissan - 20
3rd Insane Moskito Mercedes - 16
4th LCR Apex Nissan - 14

Supercup Standings Edit

Pos. Driver Car Points
1st EVR Matt212 Ford 36
2nd TOR Leopard Nissan 28
3rd Insane Moskito Mercedes 26
4th LCR Apex Nissan 21
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